10346372_10204340139195878_2983419304372573145_nElisa Fontana 

Born in 1978 in Italy, Elisa works with contemporary artistic disciplines inventing formats which cross genres and approaches. Her work focuses on relational art with an inter-generational approach. She creates performances, installations, games and theoretical reflections about performing art.

Elisa has a Masters Degree in Drama, Music and Art and Education in Early Childhood from the University of Bologna, Italy.

She regularly trains and collaborates with international artists across the performing and visual arts and expanded her expertise with professional development study in Art for Children, including Methodologies: Philosophy for Children, Educational Dance and Science Education for Early Infancy.

In 2007, she founded Wunderchildren Contemporary Art for Young People, a research project involving art for young audience in which children, through active experience, relate to artistic practice of various typologies.Wunderchildren Contemporary Art for Young People has collaborated with artists Antonia Baehr (Paris) and Roger Bernat (Barcelona).

Elisa’s Wunderkammer Room of Marvels project was a finalist in the 2007 International Performance Award in Trento (Italy).

Brainstorming Decompression Chamber for Spectators a Theoretical Reflections Into Contemporary Creation, was nominated one of the top three best Italian art projects in 2007.

In 2011 she created Inversioni Urbane a project dedicated to public art.

Elisa regularly collaborates with Re:Habitat, a social architecture and land regeneration project in Bologna, Italy.

Her work has been featured at Centrale Fies (Trento, Italy), F.I.S.Co. (Bologna, Italy), UovoKids (Milan, Italy), Teatro Metastasio (Prato, Italy), Laboratoires D’Aubervilliers (Paris,France), International Children’s and Youth Theatre Festival (Ankara,Turkey), Es.Terni (Terni, Italy), Spill Festival Of Performance (London, United Kingdom), Pulsi (Milan, Italy), FAR-Festival des Arts Vivants (Nyon, Switzerland), Hurghada International Children Theatre Festival (Hurghada,Egypt), Jagriti Theatre (Bangalore, India).

Elisa is actually based in London, UK.